Wholly built with Japanese Cypress
-- robust beams and post columns create an open space.
A nostalgic drama of the history begins now.

The residence of the historic Kusakabe Family has long been a popular tourist attraction since it opened to the public and remains unchanged from the days in which the family resided there. Among its numerous highlights is not only its magnificent architectural style with dynamic beams and post columns, but also the fireplace and various exhibits that demonstrate how the family lived in those days, as well as the elaborate Buddhist alter, which is said to have cost 1 million taels to construct.
More recently, we have proposed the museum be not only seen, but heard to breathe additional life into the experience while preserving its long, precious history. This takes the form of music events, which take advantage of the resonance in the double height hall.
Enjoy a relaxing time in this museum filled with history, and find yourself a piece of the nostalgic historical drama while feeling the warmth of people in Takayama.



2013年 7月4日(木) | 木と文化の殿堂
日下部民藝館で見る「野村万作 狂言の世界」

この夏、皆様を人間国宝 野村万作率いる「万作の会」による狂言の世界にお誘いいたします。



The famous Kusakabe family, who have been working in this area for over 300 years, has opened a villa limited to one group per day. We will provide the Kusakabe Folklore Hall as a private lounge for our customers, and provide a special time as an important guest of the 13th generation owner. Kusakabe Mingekan will renovate the "Hanare" of the Kusakabe family house adjacent to the site and open a luxury villa "Taniya" this fall for a deeper cultural experience.

At this newly warmed inn, with the concept of having guests stay as "guests of the Kusakabe family", we will guide you through a special program where you can experience the richness of nature centered on the forest, and represent Hida Takayama. We will propose a time when the restaurant will use its skills just for the customer.

After the evening, you can rent out the adjacent important cultural property "Kusakabe Mingekan" and use it as a private lounge. The magnificent beams and wide dirt floor, which is said to be the highest peak of private house architecture, is a space where you can feel the traditional beauty that lives in this town, protected by the heads of generations. The true value of Kusakabe Folklore Museum is that you can feel the light that shines into the space and the shadows that are created, and you can enjoy it by having a drink with the owner and spending a relaxing time.

We will provide an experience that can only be obtained here as a cultural complex in Hida Takayama, such as dining around a large hearth, playing music, and arranging a geisha's seat.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation with Kusakabe Folklore Museum, a new attempt to protect and utilize cultural properties that are Japanese treasures.

Opening time: Fall 2022 (scheduled for October 10)
Reservation starts: Scheduled for late July
Location: 1-55 Oshinmachi, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture 506-0851
Phone: (0577) 32-0072
Email: contact@taniya-hida.com